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It this demanding world of Global Sourcing we know that Quality, Cost Efficiency and Lead Times are key for success for our Customers, this is the reason why we work every day to increase our leverage and buying power to transfer the benefits to you.

It is with pleasure that we present some of the products we are able to offer to your Company. We would like to take the opportunity to highlight the fact that this list of products do not limit our global reach and capabilities to meet your demands and expectations with any other products and projects not mentioned on this list. 

  • Compaction and Construction Machinery (Heavy and Light Equipment).
  • Telecom and Computer Equipment for all Industries.
  • Power Generation Equipment (Industrial, Commercial and Residential) and Spare Parts.
  • Equipment, Spare Parts, Supplies and Consumables for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry.
  • Law Enforcement Security Equipment and Supplies.
  • Spare Parts for Vehicles, Heavy Machinery and Trucks.
  • Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies.
  • Aircraft Parts and Marine Parts. 
  • Safety and Security Supplies for Industrial applications.