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Global Procurement

AVASTAR is here to help you and your business. From any purchasing needs you might have to project planning for your upcoming goals and demands, we're here to help you achieve your objectives.

Global Logistics

AVASTAR provides flexible Global Logistics capabilities that start at the planning stage, and go all the way to the delivery of our customer goods to the desire destination. Integral solutions that deliver the best service.

Supply Chain Management

Our services leverage today's technologies and logistics methods to make efficient decisions which streamline the supply chain. 

The increasingly volatile and consumer sensitive chains of supply and demand are not only impacting prices, they are stimulating providers to be more responsive, agile and consumer-centric in their supply chain solutions. Companies know the cost and time savings available through closer analysis of their processes for moving products.

With our comprehensive expertise in all major industries and our extensive experience in offering value added logistics services, we can provide our customers with the perfect balance between price and performance

We create more value for our customers’ supply chains through our global network, knowledge and expertise. We are passionate about delivering operational excellence.